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Medications in School

When the dosage, time, or how the medication is administered has changed. Sometimes during the school year, medication dosages are increased or decreased and a new form would need to be completed.
If you go to the doctor’s office and they order a prescription to be given during the school day, please ask them to print the form from the Ada-Borup website and complete it while you are in the clinic. We realize that when you are at the doctor’s office you may forget that they will need to take the medication at the school. Please bring your child to school with the medication they will be taking and begin the process of completing the Medication Administration form. It is the school policy that medications can only be given after this form is completed, including parent and health care provider signatures.

Medications that are used in the treatment of ADD or ADHD need to be brought to the school by the parent/guardian. Since these medications are controlled substances, we ask that you bring them for your child and other children’s safety.
You will be notified when your child’s medication supply is low.