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College Information

When choosing a college to attend you should know all the information you can about the college and other topics pertaining to college.  The following links will help to obtain information about various Minnesota Colleges.

Financial Aid FAQ

Campus Visit Checklist

College Visits

College visists will be allowed for juniors and seniors. The absence(s) will be considered a school activity. The following must be done prior to the visit(s) in order to be excused:

  1. Inform Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Brown at least 24 hours in advance with a written excuse from your parent(s).

  2. Collect all homework assignments for the day ahead of time.

  3. Student must be passing all classes.

  4. Student's attendance will be taken into consideration and the request may be denied. **Seniors will be allowed two visits and juniors will be allowed one visit.

*Other helpful resources to check out:

Paying for College

Choosing a College MN

Financial Aid Basics

Minnesota Learning Commons- Provides students, families, and educators with free online resources for public education.

College Navigator- Allows students to search for colleges and provides them with general information and statistics that will be helpful to know when choosing a college.

My MN Careers- Allows students to explore different education options for after high school and lets them search for a program that matches their career goals.

GPS Life Plan- The GPS LifePlan helps students set goals and designs plans that will lead them to the success that they desire.

*Career Assessments

Iseek Career Assessment

O'NET Skills Assessment