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Ada-Borup High School

Daily Bulletin

Wednesday – May 30, 2018



  1. Semester Finals (odd periods)
  2. Special School Board Meeting – 7:00 a.m.
  3. Golf Section 8A Meet at Bemidji – 8:00 a.m.



  1. Cross Country meeting for boys and girls in grades 6-11 in the high school gym on Friday right after school.
  2. FCCLA will vote on Friday morning for their slate of officers for next year.
  3. National FCCLA attendees, please stop in the FACS room and pick up your awards.
  4. All high school students please clean out the high school locker rooms unless you still have an activity.
  5. Track & Field JH & Varsity boys and girls who are done with your season, please turn in your uniforms and warm-ups to Mr. Lindell or Mrs. Hayden.  Girls:  Hana, Olivia, Julia, Leah, Kylie, Eskyla, Hailey, Madi M, Grace, Jimi, Miya, Katrina, Kaya, Jess (#10 jacket only).  Boys:  Jordan M, Brandon E, Chase H, Dusty D, Ronnie (#79 short only), Peyton R, & Jose L

May 28 – Kaya Lee

May 29 – Meredith Smart

May 30 – Claire McDougle

May 31 – Mr. Michael Erickson

June 1 – Ryan Chisholm


Lunch Today:  BBQs

Soup & Sandwich Today:  Cook’s Choice


Breakfast Thursday: Cook’s Choice

Lunch Thursday: Chicken Breast Patties/Cordon Bleu

Soup & Sandwich Thursday: Cook’s Choice



Grade 6: Julio Elizondo

Grade 7: Bailie Berg

Grade 8: Molly Carlisle, Yesenia Cruz

Grade 9:  

Grace 10: Sarah May(T)

Grade 11:

Grade 12: